Blog: Let the politicians run the country – stay hyper-focused

With the uncertainty circulating around the future of the British economy and our relationship with the world, it is important that SMEs do not loose focus and motivation in driving their own business forward.

Of course, wider political and macro events inevitably will be of interest to SMEs. But highly successful entrepreneurs develop the ability to get their head above the political parapet and stay hyper-focused on their own business, irrespective of what is being thrown at them from the wider macro environment. So, amidst the media headlines – sometimes gloomy, sometimes more upbeat - it is important to stay focused on the key guiding principles for business success.

Each day make sure you are acting with clear purpose and intentionality to achieve your business goals, irrespective of what is happening in the wider economy that day. Make sure that it is a good day for your own business. Operate with clarity and simplicity to achieve your business own goals.

Do not let any pessimism circulating around the media about the plight of the economy demoralise you. Constantly be taking action in relation to your purpose and goals. Retain a positive mindset. The anxiety being fuelled in the media can lead you into the trap of procrastinating and not taking constant action to achieve your business goals.

As a successful business owner, you should be taking action directly in relation to achieving your own business goals. So, in sum, by all means make sure you are in touch with what is going on in the world and know what is on the wider business radar, but do not let this deflect you from acting with purpose, positiveness and energy in relation to your business.

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