Blog: Today, small really is beautiful

In the past, small businesses were often at a disadvantage relative to the bigger corporations when it came to doing consumer research and really understanding what their customers wanted. But today small businesses have access to many techniques to pinpoint what their customers really need and to create a great customer experience.

Small businesses can now gain access to low-cost ways of getting customer feedback, study the social media and can easily monitor what their competitors are doing. It is a great time to be running a small business. It is now the big corporations that are trying to copy and emulate the lean, fast-moving and intuitive way in which many small businesses now operate.

The advantage the small business has these days over the larger corporations is that they can now enrich their own creativity, intuition and entrepreneurial flair with insights and feedback from customers. Today the small business owner who has the self-belief and confidence can operate to a performance level that far exceeds many of their counterparts working in the corporate sector.

Success for a small business is about finding the sweet-spot between relying on judgement and experience, and making sense of all the information now available about trends in their markets and changing consumer needs.

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