SlideShare: Build The Plane As You Fly It

Successful entrepreneurs do not procrastinate by putting off getting started on an idea because they feel that have not totally perfected an idea: entrepreneurs laugh in the face of perfection!

They know to get underway, constantly experiment with an idea, and when this is good enough, get in the game. They build the plane as they fly it: refining the idea on a rolling basis. They also have the persistency and tenacity to follow through when things don’t go according to plan, learn their lesson, correct things and pick themselves up for the next phase.

In our online programme The Success Blueprint: Seven Excellence Tools for Small Businesses we provide you with the techniques and confidence to continually take action. We set out step-by-step guides to help you make sure you have got the right product/service with which to go to market, have set your price at the optimum level, and have created a customer experience that gives your idea every chance of success.

We also provide you with the toolkit for monitoring what is happening in your market place – how to look at what your competitors are doing - to make sure you are regularly refining your offer to keep pace with changing market conditions.

Find out more about The Success Blueprint: Seven Excellence Tools for Small Businesses Online Programme here or email [email protected].

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